View Full Version : Question: Symmar 300/5.6 & Linhof M. Tech V

Darryl Peroni
25-Sep-2006, 06:57
Hi all,

Does anyone know if a Schneider 300mm/5.6 symmar-s lens is compatible with a Linhof Master Technika V camera?

Firstly, will it fit inside the camera? I recently tried to fit a Nikkor-W 300/5.6 (there was one for sale in my local camera shop so I just had to try it ... you know how it is ...;) ) ... anyway, the lens was able to fit into the body but the bulk of the lens prevented me from raising the lens board high enough to get the two retaining clips underneath the lens board to lock it in place ... I suppose that you could always file the slots on the lensboard a bit more to allow you to do this.

Other questions - if it does fit, can you focus with it? Is there enough bellows extention in the Linhof to get the image sharp?

I know its a big lens for a field camera but I might be able to get one ... love to try it out beforehand but unfortunately I can't at this stage so any info would be great.

Many thanks for your help.

ps: if anyone has this particular lens - any feedback?

Brian Ellis
25-Sep-2006, 07:54
I don't know about the fit but you can use a 300mm lens on a Master Technika and on a Technika V (they're two different cameras, there's no such camera as a Master Technika V). I use a 300mm Nikkor M on my Master Technika all the time and I used to use it on my Technika V when I had that camera. Technika IVs, Vs, and Master Classic/2000 have a 15+ inch bellows extension.

Richard Kelham
25-Sep-2006, 16:11
The Linhof (whichever model it is) has enough bellows to focus a 300mm lens at infinity, but as the Symmar is as large as the Nikkor-W I expect you will have the same problems mounting it. Besides which the sheer weight of the lens may cause nose-diving problems. The Nikkor-M might be more suitable, though probably no cheaper :-(

Frank Petronio
25-Sep-2006, 16:34
Are you using a OEM Linhof lensboard? I've seen Schneider and Rodenstock 300/5.6s mounted on Technikas before so it must be possible. And I know they are strong enough to handle them.

Oren Grad
25-Sep-2006, 18:36
If I deciphered an old German-language Symmar-S brochure correctly, the rear mount diameter of the 300 should be 80mm, which should clear the opening on a Master Technika with a millimeter or so to spare on each side. Also, I have ~25 year old Linhof literature which lists the 300 Symmar-S as one of the lenses offered with the Master Technika at the time.

So the remaining question would be whether the opening on the Technika V is as large as that on the Master.

Ted Harris
25-Sep-2006, 18:51

I have a 300 Symmar-S MC and it is a superb lens but "big lens for a field camera" is a gross understatement. While you can mount it it will be very unweildy to use largely because of the weight. The only timemine ever leaves the studio is when I am running workshops in the field and I want to show participants what a true monster modern lens looks and feels like. OTOH, if you are thinking of 8x10 and larger at some future point it is a lens with massive coverage. I actuallywill be taking it out in the field this weekend to check it out with 7x17, doubt it will fully cover but want to see.

David A. Goldfarb
25-Sep-2006, 19:05
The size of the opening is the same on the Tech IV, V , MT, and 2000, because they all take the same lensboards, which have a circular light trap on the back.

With a Copal 3 shutter you may find that you can't get the front standard quite all the way down, but there is so much excess coverage with this lens on 4x5" that it shouldn't be a problem, and if you need front fall, dropping the bed and tilting the lensboard back gives you lots of drop with a 300mm lens, or alternately, you can mount the camera upside down.