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24-Sep-2006, 19:34
hi im new to LF. and looking for a 90mm lens. i been doing some research, and almost decided to get a rodenstock grandagon N 90mm f6.8. but i found a caltar pro series 90mm f5.6 at very good price. but i cant find info about this lens. its filter ring is 95mm. so alike as the schneider, but i don think thats the one. neither rodenstock.
does anybody knows who made this lens and its specs?

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
24-Sep-2006, 19:51
I had one of these lenses a few years ago. The lens, if I recall correctly, was Japanese made by Komura. Coverage was about 105 degrees, enough to cover 5x7 with a small amount of movement.

I found the lens to be excellent; sharp, good coverage, and contrasty. As good as the Rodenstock? I don't know as I have never used a Grandagon, but certainly in the same realm.

Louie Powell
25-Sep-2006, 05:44
Jason's memory is confirmed by Kerry's summary of the history of the Caltar lens brand in View Camera, May/June 2003. The 90mm f5.6 Pro Series lens was made by Komura in 1980 or 1981. Copal 0 shutter, 95mm front end, 220 mm image circle.

The "Pro" series was actually a budget line that complemented a more expensive line of lenses made by Schneider at the time. Kerry described them as "decent, but unspectacular". But if the price is right and you're happy with the results you get, then its a great lens.

Graham Patterson
25-Sep-2006, 12:13
95mm filters? And I thought the 77mm ones for my Caltar II HR 90mm 5.6 (a Topcon lens, I believe) were big.

Jim Rice
27-Sep-2006, 17:55
Graham, try cruising B&H for the 105s my 360 Caltar IIN takes *whince*. I suppose it's the price one (eventually) pays for using a camera much bigger than one's head. :P

Steve Hamley
4-Oct-2006, 09:03
You can see one here:



steve simmons
4-Oct-2006, 09:17
If you are new to large format may I suggest some reading

Getting Started in Large Format. This and several other good articles for beginners are in the Free Articles section of the View Camera web site


Also, one of these books

Large Format Nature Photogrpahy by Jack Dykinga, User's Guide tot he View Camera by Jim Stone, or Using the View Camera that I wrote. Check your library.

Good luck.

The lens should be fine if the price is right.

steve simmons