View Full Version : Survey tripods for LF??

Tad Patrick
6-Oct-1997, 19:34
Hey, I've heard of some people using survey tripods for bigger cameras, with som e work to adapt a head. Seems possible. Is it cheap and is it solid as well as s omewhat light in wt. ? Anybody?

QT Luong
15-Oct-1997, 20:41
The tripod that you see on the picture of me in yellowstone is a Zone VI. See my review. It is basically a surveyor's tripod with a modification to take the photographer's pan-tilt head. If you buy it from Zone VI it is quite expensive, but I have heard that you can get the same for a fraction of the price in surveying supplies. Then you'll have to do the modif. It is nothing but lightweight !

Rich Lahrson
29-Jan-1998, 03:03
Question: do these survey tripods have the same type of male thread used for cameras? I don't want the ajustable head but need the flexible legs.

Chris Kulczycki
13-Feb-1998, 18:26
Survey tripods (called "legs" by surveyors) use a huge, 5/8" I think, hollow bol t -- not a normal tripod mount. It's easy to replace the bolt though. I ran the survey dept. for a large civil engineering firm many years ago and we had a doz en sets of worn out legs just sitting in the store-room gathering dust. I would have gladly given some to a photographer who wanted to restore them. Might be wo rth checking with your local surveyor.


18-Dec-1998, 20:02
Calumet is closing out the Zone Light weight tripods for $100 if anyone is interested. They told me that they only have a handful left.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
18-Dec-1998, 23:09
What ever happened to U. N. Owen and his co-hort Anon Y. Mouse?