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Pete Watkins
24-Sep-2006, 05:56
I've been to a camera fair this morning and bought a couple of lenses. they both came without shutters. The first was a brass and steel lens that seems to cover 8 x 10. It has one Waterhouse stop, with a 0 stamped on it, and is engraved "English Lens Co, London", I have checked my copy of the Lens Vade Mecum and nothing is shown.
The second lens is a C.P. Goerz, Berlin, F4.5 Dogmar 195mm. I believe that it's from about 1920 by the serial number but can anybody tell me if it will cover 8x10 as it seems to be a bit heavy for 5x4? What is the image quality like for the period?

Donald Qualls
24-Sep-2006, 09:29
Can't tell you about the English Lens, but IIRC a Dogmar is a Tessar type with typical coverage of about 47 degrees (maybe a tiny bit more when stopped well down); a 195 mm is probably for half plate (4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches), might barely cover 5x7.

Pete Watkins
24-Sep-2006, 11:10
Many thanks Donald. I have an old full plate in an auful mess and converting it to 5x7 is one of the projects planned for the distant future.

Wenbiao Liang
24-Sep-2006, 11:27
I think the dogmars are Dialyte type, ie. four elements air spaced, much like Artars?

24-Sep-2006, 11:37
Dogmars were known for the high speed and APOcryphal (that's a joke, son) registration which is why they were used on 3-color separation cameras, such as the
Curtis and Natonal. I'm pretty sure they were 4 air spaced elements; 195mm probably just barely covers 4x5.

Pete Watkins
24-Sep-2006, 14:29
Many thanks for all your help. I've just stripped the English lens and I think that it's a Petzval design which would be nice. It's too big for the Wista 4x5 but I'll try it on the 8x10 as soon as I've drummed up a lensboard and worked out how to fit them together.