View Full Version : Horseman 8x10 Parts?

23-Sep-2006, 16:33

I've got a Horseman 8x10 that I recently purchased, and it works great except for a few small broken/missing parts. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good source for Horseman parts? I just need a knob, plastic lever-covers, (handles) for the swing control lever, etc.

Any help?



Ted Harris
23-Sep-2006, 17:28
Genuine Horseman parts of the type you describe are easily available from any Horseman dealer ... I'd call Jim a Midwest if you are in the US. OTOH, you may be shocked at some fo the parts prices and may jsut watn to see what you can source from your local hardware store ... not pretty but you will save a preetty penny. I remember one knob cover a few years ago that cost 20 some dollars.