View Full Version : Bogen Arcar wide angle lens??

Shannon Stuckey
9-Apr-2000, 03:59

Just recently aquired a 90mm Bogen Arcar f6.3 wide angle lense. Can anyone tell me anything about this lens? All i know is that it's made in Japan.

Any info would be appreciated, Shannon

Ted Brownlee`
10-Apr-2000, 21:26

The Bogen Arcar is made by Yamazaki Optical Company in Japan. Their trade name is "Congo". They have a website, but it will take some digging for me to find it. They specialize in 4 element tessar type lenses.

I've had the 180 f/6.3 for about 22 years now, & i've been quite happy with it.

If I find their website, I'll post it here.


Ted Brownlee`
10-Apr-2000, 21:33

This is the lens list on their http://www.cosmonet.org/~congo/spec_e.htm