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Nicole BM
23-Sep-2006, 08:09
Hi everyone
I've been shooting a bit of 35mm and MF for a while and hope to venture into LF. I don't have a LF camera as yet, but the research is continueing.
Kind regards from Western Australia

Ralph Barker
23-Sep-2006, 08:27
Welcome to the LF Forum, Nicole. Nice to see you here, being a fan of your 35mm work displayed on that other nice forum.

Nicole BM
23-Sep-2006, 08:37
Hi Ralph, nice to see you here too. :) Thank you very much. I hope to meet many nice people, learn a lot and help where I can.

23-Sep-2006, 11:19
Hi Nicole,

Greetings from Vancouver, BC in Canada...

Shooting large format is a whole new animal and is very, very addictive. As soon as you see your first color transparency... you'll be hooked.

But, it's a LOT of fun!

You'll start off with 4x5, then go to 5x7, and before you know it... you'll be pushing an 8x10 around in a baby buggy! :)


23-Sep-2006, 11:32
Welcome to the LF Community Nicole!

Not too many females here so I am always delighted to see a fellow female join the group. This is a nice forum with lots of help and friendly people. I shoot a bunch of Polaroid 55 and I think if you like black & white you will enjoy this film combo with LF, plus you can wait on the developing stage for a while.

Greetings from south of Miami Florida,

Frank Petronio
23-Sep-2006, 12:14
Hey, I knew you on APUG. You're a good photographer.

Jorge Gasteazoro
23-Sep-2006, 12:53
Hey Nicole, welcome! Looking forward to see your work again.... :)

Amund BLix Aaeng
23-Sep-2006, 13:24
Good to see you here too Nicole :) Welcome to the club.

Andrew O'Neill
23-Sep-2006, 13:33
Western Australia is really Eastern Australia because you're upside down, right? heh heh.

23-Sep-2006, 20:52
Hi Nicole, welcome. Yep, you will find lots of APUG people here.

23-Sep-2006, 20:54
Hi Nicole, good luck with the new project


Leonard Metcalf
24-Sep-2006, 01:58
Dear Nicole,

Not many Australians on this site, so an extra welcome there. Would love to see some of your photography that they are talking about. I hope large format hooks you in as it has done with me. Good luck with it, and this forum is fantastic, so many talented people here with good advice.



Diane Maher
24-Sep-2006, 04:33
Hi Nicole! Nice to see you here too.

24-Sep-2006, 15:17
And a big hello from Melbourne, Australia.
Haven't I seen your posts somewhere else?

Ole Tjugen
24-Sep-2006, 15:31
Hi Nicole!

As you see, we're all here (too). :)

24-Sep-2006, 16:56
Welcome to the LF family. I'm from Singapore and might be having a trip to Perth, some time late Nov this year. I'll be bringing along my Technikardan to capture beautiful scenic view in Augusta (Leewin lighthouse).

If I'm there, you might want to meet up, so at the same time you can take a look at how LF stuff are meant to be.


Nigel Smith
25-Sep-2006, 05:48
Hi Nic!

matthew blais
26-Sep-2006, 08:24
Hey Nic...didn't know you ventured over here.
Good to "see" you.

Nicole BM
27-Sep-2006, 23:57
Wow, it's great to see you all over here too. I feel right at home. :)

I just have no idea about big cameras.

Yesterday I stumbled across an 8x10 for sale but I'll start a different thread on that one for some specific info.


Michael Daily
28-Sep-2006, 15:27
Welcome, Nicole!