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Josh Wand
7-Apr-2000, 20:28
I was wondering what's involved in mounting a packard shutter to my camera. I ha ve a Calumet CC400, and I'm using a Schneider Xenar 300/4.5. I looked at hubphot o's packard page, and it looks like I'd have to use the 3.5" diameter one to fit the lens (3.25" rear diameter), but I can't imagine how I'd fit the whole 6x6" apparatus inside the camera! Would it be easier to mount the shutter in front of the lens (seems dangerous)? Any other low-cost alternatives? The cost of shutte red lenses at tele lengths tends to be prohibitive. I've been using the "hat tri ck" (the polaroid box, actually), and that becomes rather cumbersome, and the ba llet involved becomes a serious obstacle when I'm trying to connect with a portr ait sitter. Plus it would be nice to be able to shoot outside... How can I shutt er my lens? Thanks...

Tony Brent
8-Apr-2000, 00:21
Does the rear lens cell of that Xenar taper down to a smaller diameter where it threads into the mount? If so, there are smaller Packards available (I think down to 4" square or so) that would mount directly to the back of the lens board.

N Dhananjay
8-Apr-2000, 10:48
I take it the rear element does not taper down. I'm guessing you're out of luck as far as mounting the Packard the usual way. The rear lens dia of 3.25" means you need a hole of at least that much and I don't think any of thee 4"x4" Packards have a hole that large in them (although I've heard hubphoto do custom jobs, so maybe they can help you). A Packard mounted on the front of your lens will work, though it would look funky. I have a 15" tele and use something similar. Its not a Packard but something called a LUC - its designed to mount onto the front of your lens but its not any less cumbersome than a Packard mounted onto the front. Good luck. DJ

Tony Montesione
8-Sep-2001, 11:13
Josh, Just saw your old question and wondered if you found a solution. I have the same problems. Steve Grimes is the man to help. He can mount your lens in a shutter or mount the packard in front of your lens. Tony

Josh Wand
20-Sep-2001, 12:20
See this message for what I ended up doing:

http://hv.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl? msg_id=0033e5