View Full Version : What? Huh? Jamaican Spam via the forum PM?

John Kasaian
22-Sep-2006, 08:25
Has anyone else here recieved a pm from jamaicanstud through this forum?

Mark Carstens
22-Sep-2006, 08:50
Yes. Jamaican-dud needs to piss-off. How I hate SPAM!

And yes, that includes the canned pork product as well!

~ Mark

Brian Vuillemenot
22-Sep-2006, 08:54
Too bad Mark- I just bought a case to share with everyone in the Owens Valley next month!

Mark Carstens
22-Sep-2006, 09:03
Too bad Mark- I just bought a case to share with everyone in the Owens Valley next month!


Sorry, Brian, you're on your own, dude.

~ Mark

Ted Harris
22-Sep-2006, 10:28
User is now permanently banned .... he hit me too :)

Tracy Storer
22-Sep-2006, 10:50
Annoying. Got me too.

matthew blais
22-Sep-2006, 11:02
I feel left out..no pm for me...oh well

Brian, please stay home :)
I was going to bring my gourmet chile.

22-Sep-2006, 11:21
please post his email address. i want to send many, many requests for information on canned pork. phone # too, if you have it.

22-Sep-2006, 11:55
I got it. Does it take very long for spammers to get banned here?

Tom Westbrook
22-Sep-2006, 14:44
Since they are private message the mods can see them (if they don't get it, too), so if you get a spam in a private message, send the content (or enough of it to show it's spam) and, most importantly, the user name of sender. Send it using the Contact Us form (link at the bottom of every page).

I'll check to see if there's a hole in our security somewhere we can tighten up.

David A. Goldfarb
22-Sep-2006, 15:03
We get these on APUG occasionally, and it just seems to be individuals posting, so it's not easy to block without adding another level of security to the login process like real name verification, which Phil Greenspun seems interested in trying at photo.net.

Short of that, users who receive the spam need to report it to the moderators, so that they can ban the spammer.