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Andrew O'Neill
21-Sep-2006, 21:23
Hi gang,

When I was at Per Volquartz's workshop over the weekend (Vancouver, BC, Canada), Rob Skeoch (a suppler of LF film and gear in Ontario) said that Ilford will make their 3200 speed in sheet film...has anyone else heard of this? I would love to try it.
By the way, had a great time at Per's workshop. What a nice guy!!


PS. Thanks Capocheny for organizing it!

Oren Grad
21-Sep-2006, 21:27
Simon Galley of Harman/Ilford has been canvassing interest in a Delta 3200 sheet film over at APUG. I don't recall his announcing that they've made a decision on it one way or another yet, but I don't catch every thread so it's possible I've missed something.

Andrew O'Neill
21-Sep-2006, 21:29
I heard about it over the weekend and Rob seemed quite certain that it is going to happen...perhaps Rob could chime in...that's if he is actually home and not out taking photos.

Charles Hohenstein
22-Sep-2006, 03:08
That would certainly be good news for those of us who like to think that using a 4x5 hand-held is still fashionable. :)

Leonard Metcalf
22-Sep-2006, 04:50
Now that would be exciting.

Andrew O'Neill
22-Sep-2006, 07:31
If I hear more about this from Rob, I'll let you know.

Bruce Watson
22-Sep-2006, 07:50
I for one would buy it in 5x4. I wouldn't use it as my "standard" film, but I'd use some for sure.

What I might use as my standard film would be Delta 400 in 5x4. Doesn't seem to be happening though. Strange, that.

22-Sep-2006, 17:10
My pleasure Andrew...

It was great fun and it'll be an even better event next year.

And, you're spot on... Per is a really, really great guy!

I'd be really interested in giving the 3200 a try as well... interesting! :)


Andrew O'Neill
22-Sep-2006, 19:57
Capocheny....think "Skookumchuck"

22-Sep-2006, 21:20

I had a dream about Skookumchuk last night... a dilly of a dream too!

But, I won't be discussing it! :)


Leonard Metcalf
24-Sep-2006, 02:59
In the recent August Issue of B&W mag there is an image of Delta 400 4x5 sheets... perhaps this is just an old photo from when they did make it... If it was available it would probably replace my HP5+...


Robert Skeoch
27-Sep-2006, 13:14
Hold on a moment guys.... I'm not taking any deposits yet.
I said when I was talking with Simon at the APUG show he was talking about a Delta 3200 in sheet film, and would there be any interest.
There seems to be some interest but is there enough to make it happen. At least Ilford is listening and considering it.
-Rob Skeoch

And yes, I should be out taking photos.

Andrew O'Neill
27-Sep-2006, 15:03
Come on Rob....make it happen!!

Bruce Watson
27-Sep-2006, 16:14
Come on Rob....make it happen!!

Rob, you know you want to. Turn on the charm! Let them know that if they'll sell it, we will buy it.

30-Sep-2006, 12:10
By the way, you can rate Rollei R3 at 3200 or even a stop higher. I haven't tried at 4x5 size yet, but as I recall, someone here posted some results at 6400 and they were quite good.

Robert Skeoch
11-Oct-2006, 18:39
I asked Simon for an up-date and he replied that 'the product review regarding this item will not be until the end of the year. He'll let us know then.'
So basicly they're considering it, which is good news if you want to shoot it... but nothing to feed your camera today.
-Rob Skeoch

Andrew O'Neill
12-Oct-2006, 18:31
Well, I guess I can wait...Thanks, Rob!