View Full Version : Best arrangement polarizing and graduated filters

Michael Dymersky
21-Sep-2006, 04:16
I am traing to figure out the best arrangement of the polarizing glass filter and graduated resin filter (Lee,Hitech...).What I meant is whether the polarizing glass filter should be mounted first on it or other way around-the graduated resin filter first and polarizing glass one on it. Michael Dymersky.

21-Sep-2006, 04:20
Is it mechanically possible to put a glass filter on a Lee resin filter??

21-Sep-2006, 04:49
It doesn't matter which is where, but from a pratical point of view it's easier to put other filters nearest the lens then put the polariser on a rotating mount furthest away. This allows you to rotate the polariser without affecting the alignment of other filters.

Lee have a system which allows you to put filters in any order you like by means of a ring which allows a second Lee holder to slot into and rotate about the first. However, I found this system caused vignetting with some lenses. I now use a Lee filter holder with three slots, to the front of which is screwed a threaded ring to take a 105 mm Heliopan polarisor. HTH