View Full Version : Cable release adapter for recessed board

7-Apr-2000, 17:54
I have a 'free arm 360' adapter which doesn't fit for my calumet recessed board. At B&H they sell a 'U hook adapter', does it work better in tight space? any ot her alternatives?

Chad Jarvis
7-Apr-2000, 18:16
Can't answer the question posed, but I had a cable which was super low profile - made specifically for recessed lensboards. I had no trouble using it with a Wollensak #3 on my old Cambo. I think I got it at Adorama.

Bob Salomon
7-Apr-2000, 19:39
The Pro release Wide Angle Cable Release Adapter is flexible and will fit any board. That would include the double recessed Technikardan board for the 35mm Apo Grandagon. The metal L and U adapters won't fit in as tight a spot.