View Full Version : Taylor- Hobson cooke Anastigmat 5inch series XIII f/2.9

20-Sep-2006, 06:51
Hi, does anyone know something about this lens? It got in my hands and it's in very good conditions but i'm more 35mm user so i dont know a lot about it. Complete name:

Taylor- Hobson Cooke Anastigmat No157078 5inch series XIII f/2.9

It's very big and heavy and it's covered in black leader.
thanx everyone

Dan Fromm
20-Sep-2006, 09:17
The Vade Mecum, which is usually not too bad on UK lenses, admits defeat on this one. Thinks it covers little more than 2x3. Suspects it might be a slower Series X, in which case it is a modified triplet with the last element replaced by two air-spaced elements. Counting reflections should test that conjecture real quick. The mount, as shown in y'r image, makes me think it is set up as a projector lens. If so, it should have no diaphragm.

Good luck, have fun,


20-Sep-2006, 18:58
there is another picture which could help. and mount is M42 so i managed to put in on my minolta and then i'd say it's about 135mm lense. as you can see from picture it's possiable to take it apart and use just a lense not the body of lence. there is also a kind of filter on lense but with no description. i really would like to know what is this lense,
thanx everyone