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19-Sep-2006, 21:31
I just stumbled upon this site while I should have been working on my thesis! :)
I am a 4x5 shooter. I have an omega/toyo 45D monorail and a Busch Pressman field camera. I have 4 lenses: a 90mm Caltar II-N, a 135mm Caltar II-N, a 210 G-Claron and a 135mm f/4.7 raptar that came with the Pressman. I still consider myself a beginner at 4x5, though I have been doing it for the last 3-4 years. I am looking forward to getting more info/inspiration here. Thanks!

19-Sep-2006, 22:30
Hi Jeff, welcome from the real 49th state - Hawaii. I'm sure you will have a great time here.

19-Sep-2006, 22:52

Greetings from Vancouver, British Columbia... you'll learn a LOT from the folks on this forum. :)


John Kasaian
20-Sep-2006, 01:23
Hello Jeff! Any autumn colors yet?

20-Sep-2006, 03:06
Welcome Jeff to the LF Community!
Post a picture in the "How About A Picture Post" thread sometime.

Kind Regards,

21-Sep-2006, 16:39
The fall colors have pretty much peaked around Fairbanks (where I live) and the leaves are really starting to fall. The tundra was a really beautiful red in various places. I am looking for a picture to post of it. I still haven't developed the 4x5 frames I exposed, so it will have to be 35mm or digital.
I really like the work that is linked to the postings here... mine pretty much pales in comparison! :)

PS: I have been unable to find out how to post images... do I have to host them offsite and link to them?

Andrew O'Neill
21-Sep-2006, 21:33
How's it goin' eh? Welcome from Coquitlam, BC, Canada....near Capocheny.