View Full Version : Double Toning, Sepia then Selenium

brian steinberger
19-Sep-2006, 19:07
Can someone give me a step by step process from out of the fixer when toning sepia then selenium. I tried it tonight and got some stains I think. I have the Toning Book, but he is not very clear on step by step when doing this process. This is what I did:

Out of fixer
Into wash,5 min
Hypo Clear, 5 min,

Wash 5 min,
sepia tone,
wash, 20 min,
selenium tone, 4min 1:9
brief rinse,
hypo clear, 5 min
wash, 25 minutes

Can someone help me?

matthew blais
19-Sep-2006, 19:56
What I do:
Develop > water > fix (TF4 -2 min) > second fix (plain hypo-2min) > Selenium > Hypo clear >wash.

No unwanted staining.

Going from water soak/wash into selenium is not recommended (from what I learned).

John Berry
20-Sep-2006, 01:05
Are you washing between bleach and sepia? I usually selenium tone first.

matthew blais
20-Sep-2006, 07:58
Oops, sorry Brian, I missed the sepia part...disregard I suppose

bob carnie
20-Sep-2006, 11:19
Hi Brian

I wash 20 min after hypo clear before the bleach step, as well you do not list a time of wash between the bleach step and the stinky toner step. I wash at least 10 min between bleach and application of toner.
Otherwise you seem to have all the steps listed.