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Dan V
19-Sep-2006, 18:40
In several weeks Iím off to Redwood country where browns and greens predominate. However, Iím hoping to capture what little autumn color there is if my timing is right Ė the occasional red-oranges and yellows.

This and other forums contain a few threads comparing Velvia to Kodakís E100VS for recording the softer shades of yellow autumn foliage. But, complaints about E100VS include inconsistent quality, reds that coalesce and lack definition.

This, plus my lack of experience (and time to gain any before my imminent trip) with Kodakís products makes me lean toward the familiar Velvia.

I will take along a warm polarizer but doubt that will do much to make the soft yellows stand out. Any suggestions on maximizing Velvia (or other Fujichrome?) yellows?

Jack Flesher
20-Sep-2006, 08:46
Do you scan or print conventionally?

When I scan I prefer broader latitude and less saturated color since I can "adjust" those after the fact to taste. My two favorite E-6 emulsions for this are E100G and Astia. However, I prefer the even greater latitude in C41 emulsions, though they are tougher to scan accurately and Fuji NPS is very nice for this as is Kodak Portra 160 NC.

If you are printing conventionally -- or want to be able to have the lab "print it like it looks" -- then I'd still suggest E100G for accurate fall colors though Fuji Provia will be a bit punchier on the greens. Velvia is good for a more punched up look on all the colors, but you will sacrifice some latitude.

Gordon Moat
20-Sep-2006, 11:42
Wow, guess I am surprised about inconsistant Kodak E100VS. I have been using it for eight years across different camera formats, without any problems. Currently I am using it in 4x5 in Readyloads.

While I have not done landscape and fall foliage shots with E100VS, I have photographed many Italian sports cars with this film. The reds and yellows simply cannot be that saturated in any other transparency film, and that red range and yellow range bias is the reason to use E100VS.

I have used Fuji Velvia 100 and 100F in 4x5. Quite simply they just don't pop the saturated reds and yellows like E100VS. I don't think you could filter to come close. The Fuji choices do better with greens and blue tones than E100VS. Seriously, in Fuji transparency choices, I thought Astia 100F did a better job with reds and yellows, just without the high saturation; though you might consider altering that in post processing.


Gordon Moat
A G Studio (http://www.allgstudio.com)

20-Sep-2006, 16:50
You could try a Tiffen Enhancing Filter, although I personally don't like them much. I think you results just using Fuji Velvia and perhaps an 81A filter should work just fine.

Dan V
22-Sep-2006, 06:02
Thanks for everyone's input.

It's hard to break the Fujichrome habit, but I may have to reconsider E100VS...

Jean-Marie Solichon
22-Sep-2006, 06:46
If you can find some "old" Velvia use it. My second choice would be the Velvia 100 F. And by the way do not hesitate to use your polarizer specially on cloudy or rainy days : it will remove reflections and cold cast from the foliage surface and reveal deep colours.