View Full Version : Best available paper for hand coloring

Michael Ervolina
19-Sep-2006, 16:59
I know that Kodak killed the RC Art paper. What is the closest available product from any manufacturer?



Caroline Matthews
19-Sep-2006, 18:06
I've always understood Agfa Classic was a good paper for hand colouring also. Oop! Also, not available. Sorry.

Louie Powell
19-Sep-2006, 19:21
Well, I've always used Orwo. Sorry, another goner!

I've tried Ilford matte. Results not exciting.

Doug Howk
20-Sep-2006, 02:55
From talking to a hand-colorist I understand that Agfa Portriga was exceptional. I've only tried a couple of papers, BromoPrint (http://www.jandcphoto.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=315) from J&C and David Lewis Bromoil paper (http://www.bromoil.com/supplies.htm#DAVID%20W.%20LEWIS%20BROMOIL%20PAPER)

Michael Ervolina
20-Sep-2006, 04:41
Thanks for the input, I really apprciate it!