View Full Version : Canham or Gandolfi

John Hicks
8-Apr-2000, 14:18
Well folks, I'm thinking of replacing my Toyo 45A with a camera that has more fr ont rise and more extension; looks like it'll probably be either a Canham DLC 45 or Ganfolfi Variant. The base model Variant has a particularly attractive price .

Opinions on either of them?

Bob Salomon
8-Apr-2000, 14:35

Bill Sanders will contact you about this. i spoke to him yesterday.

John Hicks
8-Apr-2000, 18:45
> Sanders


Ellis Vener
10-Apr-2000, 02:26
Check the files on the DLC. I think the DLC is a real workhorse.

Pete Caluori
10-Apr-2000, 12:56

The two cameras you mention are considerably different. I have a DLC and like it very much, but that me. I suggest you try both cameras before you make a decision as only you can decide what works.