View Full Version : TRI-x at ASA 200 Development Time in Jobo

Tina G
19-Sep-2006, 14:10
I am a new student to LFP and wanted to get the development times for Tri-X 320 using an ASA of 200, for the JOBO, for the Sprint Developer (D76) and HC110 Developer? (N, N+1,N+2,N-1,N-2). (using a condenser enlarger)

Thank you,

Gary Samson
19-Sep-2006, 14:52
You will have to do your own testing with the various developers in order to come up with an accurate exposure indexs and development times for N, N+1,N+2,N-1,N-2. There are too many variables involved (water quality, light meter, developer dilution, printing paper, shutter speed accuracy etc.) to make any reccomendation that would really work for your particular equipment, film and developer choice and individual working habits. Good luck

Caroline Matthews
19-Sep-2006, 18:10
Gary is right, of course, but if you're impatient and don't care so much about results, you can try this: