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17-Sep-2006, 00:49
I've shot Delta 100 for years with 120 and my normal developer is Edwal FG7 with 9% sodium sulfite- 1:15. I've been happy with the results, except that with 4x5 I think I want more acutance (since have fine grain isn't an issue). Can anyone make some suggestions for a good (chemical, not powder) developer.

My shooting style: delta 100 4x5 and lots of expansion developing (N+1, N+2) and a good amount of N developing. Industrial photos usually on overcast days, I like good tonal range, but would like better accutance/edge crispness than what I'm getting with the fg7 ss combo.

How is the Pyrocat-HD stuff with a jobo and delta? I've heard it has a nice high acutance and it comes in a liquid form from Photographers Formulary.

I'll be using a jobo 3010 on a motor base.

Thanks in advance,


Richard Kelham
17-Sep-2006, 02:31
I've been using Ilfotec DDX which is designed to bring out the best in the new-style T-grain emulsions like Delta. Unimaginative perhaps, but the stuff does work, at least using Combiplan tanks!


Stan. L-B
17-Sep-2006, 06:13
I am using the CPP2 with the 3010 and other smaller drums. The B&W developers I use allow me to obtain a range of negative results by alterning the dilutions. I use TMax 100 and Pan F film. I develop in TMax RS or Rodinal. Both these brews work well for me making the printing stage easy and so consistant. Should you wish to have a go with these developers try: T.Max RS Dil. 100/900 10.5 Mins @ 20c or Rodinal Dil. 1/9 for 6.5 mins @ 20c.

Jay DeFehr
17-Sep-2006, 09:01
Delta 100 developed in 510-Pyro/3010/ATL 2 Plus works very well for me. 510-Pyro is a single solution, like Rodinal or HC 110, but more concentrated than either, and extremely convenient and economical to use. 510-Pyro gives me full film speed+, very high acutance, excellent gradation and easy-printing negatives. 510-Pyro works very well with rotary processing, without having to adjust the ratios of two solutions to reduce general stain, or prevent streaking. It is, by far, the most user-friendly staining developer I've used.

My normal development regime for Delta 100 is EI 100/510-Pyro 1:100/ 7:00/70F. I do more expansion development than contraction development, and for rotary processing like to keep my development times between 5 and 10 min.

If you're not set up to measure chemicals, Artcraft Chemicals will sell you a pre-measured kit of the dry chemicals, which you simply add to the required volume of TEA (triethanolamine), and heat with stirring to make the concentrate. I get my TEA from The Chemistry Store.com. Good luck.


17-Sep-2006, 15:59
Thanks for the suggestions.

20-Sep-2006, 23:41
Anyone tried TFX-2 with delta?