View Full Version : Kodak Lenses

Don Sparks
6-Apr-2000, 16:28
Anyone have some knowledge or experience with these old Kodak lenses: Kodak no. 33 7.5 inch 4.5 anastigmat...Kodak no. 34 8.5 inch 4.5 anastigmat. How good, movements, etc. Thanks in advance.

Erik Ryberg
7-Apr-2000, 00:11
I have the 8.5 inch f4.5. Great big heavy thing. Just barely gets to the corners of an 8x10 sheet but things are quite soft at that point. It will fit on a 4x5 speed graphic board.

Mine's uncoated. It's a fine performer though. I never noticed a flare problem. Quite sharp, said to be the precursor to the Ektar though I don't know if there is any truth to that. Sure does cast a nice bright image compared to my f11s. I saw one for sale a while back for 20 bucks and nearly bought it out of sheer greed but thankfully let the next guy get it. What would I do with two of them?