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Scott Fleming
16-Sep-2006, 08:53
I know this has been discussed. I've been searching for 30 minutes and can't find it.

My small-time local printer/gallery owner cant get my latest image to print. I had it drum scanned by Danny and it's 675MB. I want her to print it at 360dpi and apx 42 x 56 inches. It's a partially cropped image from 4 x 5. We've done this before but she's stuck this time and can't get it to print.

She's gone to PS preferences and did the "large file thing". Still no go. She's has a Mac Dual Processor G-5 with plenty of RAM.

Any suggestions?


chris jordan
16-Sep-2006, 09:54
Tell her to restart her computer, then launch Photoshop preferences and set her memory usage to 21%, then quit Photoshop and relaunch it. Then the image will print. Then bitch about Adobe's memory leak to all you friends and maybe eventually it will get back to someone at Adobe who cares enough to fix it. Oh, and remind her to reset her memory usage to the old setting afterwards, or her computer will be slower than cold honey.

Ed Richards
16-Sep-2006, 09:56
And make sure she has the 9.02 update that was just posted this week.

Scott Fleming
16-Sep-2006, 11:29

Anything else?