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Phil M
13-Sep-2006, 11:53
Greetings all. Just getting started in LF. I have a B&W darkroom, that has been used for 35mm and MF. So with my foray into LF now that my new camera has been delivered, I'm perplexed as to how to best proceed with processing sheet film.
Back in college many, many years ago we used a tank that has a striking resemblence to the yankee tank that B&H photo sells for about 30 bucks. So how about it LFer's
what have you been doing? Are there labs that specialize in this type of work? This is primarily a question for color work.


13-Sep-2006, 13:14
It’s been a while since I used LF color but I think your best bet is a pro lab if you can find one. Way back when I did process my own, I don’t think it was very cost effective because the chemicals were expensive and I never seamed to use the entire batch before they got too old and I had to throw them out. If I remember correctly I about broke even if I was able to use it all. If you don’t have a pro lab, the HP Combi Plan is pretty good for 4x5. I’d give you my old one but I loaned it out several years ago and haven’t seen it since. If you really want to get serious you should look for a Jobo Processor.


Neal Wydra
13-Sep-2006, 14:27
Dear Phil,

If you must do your own color, a Jobo system is the way to go. Heck, they are great for b&w! Ones with a lift are nice, but it isn't necessary.

Neal Wydra