View Full Version : Old B&W 4x5 film processing

tim atherton
4-Feb-2000, 16:09
I just got a Super Graphic which came with all sorts of odds and ends. Among whi ch were a box of 25shts Kodak Super-Panchro Press Film (type B) and a box of 100 shts Imperiale Pan 400 z(made in Spain...). I thought it would be fun to try th ese out and see what happens. (might get some nice "art" effects and be able to sell them for a bundle... :-) ) They date from 1971/73.

So, anyone have any suggested developers and proccessing details for these?


Tim A

Tony Brent
5-Feb-2000, 00:50
If you have a copy of the Kodak darkroom dataguide, there should be a listing in there for Super pan press. It wasnt taken off the market all that long ago, I dont think. If that fails, have a look around Kodak's site kodak.com.

pat j. krentz
5-Feb-2000, 00:51
If they are not heat fogged, and if they have not been keeped in a cool place, I think all your going to get is black film, but if you want to try, use PMK. Pat

Kevin M Bourque
5-Feb-2000, 12:23
Hi Tim - I shot some 20+ year old film once (Super XX, I think it was) and was disappointed with how NORMAL it looked. Film base + fog density was a little higher, but nothing outrageous. Good luck, though.