View Full Version : Any Suggestions for Gelatin Silver Printing Resources and Guides

Nick Stanislo
4-Feb-2000, 14:56
Any recommendations for publications/instructions for gelatin silver printing? Would appreciate any leads. Thanks.

Kevin Kemner
4-Feb-2000, 16:12
try the bostick + sullivan website

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
5-Feb-2000, 00:25
Well, either I am missing something, or the usual sources - Kodak, Ilford, etc. would be a good place to start. They both have darkroom data guides published. There's also always the Ansel Adams series - The Camera, The Negative, and The Print and a myriad of others. Mason Resnick maintains the Black & White Photography page http://www.photogs.com/bwwworld

Or, if you mean using the hand applied emulsions like Silverprint from Luminos and Rockland Coloid's product, Liquid Light, there is a wonderful book on the subject - "Silver Gelatin" by Reed and Jones, ISBN 0817458859 for the paperback edition

9-Feb-2000, 19:08
Try, Spirits of Salts, by Martin Reed and Randall Webb. It may have what you are looking for, or at leat offer some other older printing methods.

David kirk