View Full Version : Arca Swiss Discovery info

4-Feb-2000, 12:26
Are there any Arca Swiss Discovery owner out there? I would like to know how much it weighs because the B&H data says 5lb, but other site says 6.2lb.

Also is it easy to carry around?

Thanks a lot.

Ellis Vener
4-Feb-2000, 22:21
The Arca Swiss pages at THE F-STOPS HERE (http://thefstop.com/equipment/new/arca/arca.htm l) list the weight of the Discovery as 6.6 pounds.

Thomas A. Castelberg
5-Feb-2000, 06:32
I can't tell you about the exact weight but I've used the Arca Swiss Discorvery. It's a very pleasant camera. It's quite easy to carry around in the field (even on long hikes) and it's easy to manipulate.