View Full Version : behomoth for mounting on my arca swiss

George Kara
11-Sep-2006, 17:13
I just purchased a kodak 12inch 4.5 ektar portrait lens in a #5 universal shutter. I think someone made a mistake in naming this thing. It should be called a kodak monstar.

Anyhow I need to mount this on a lens board for my arca swiss f line 4x5 (171inch). any suggestions on how I get this done would be greatly appreciated. I hope I can get this to fit.


Donald Brewster
11-Sep-2006, 17:22
Since not a modern standard Copal 1 or 3, you will obviously need to recut the hole to mount the lens. There is always SK Grimes for such things. http://www.skgrimes.com

Steve Hamley
12-Sep-2006, 11:28
You should have no problem with big lenses on a 171 inch lensboard...