View Full Version : Trying to find the superfast Komuranon 152/2.8

Timo Ripatti
4-Feb-2000, 10:45
Still trying to find this gem. This lens was manufactured until the end of '70s when the Komuranon line was dis continued. I think they still make enlarging lenses...

F/2.8 means big chunk of glass when it is supposed to cover 4x5" with minimum of vignetting. The lens is clumsy, heavy, takes a lot of space, and compared to mo dern lenses gives images of poor quality.

I want to buy it only because I am involved in a project where very shallow dept h of field in photographs would be a novelty.

Pete Andrews
7-Feb-2000, 06:43
A 300mm f/5.6 will give you the same shallow depth-of-field, and is probably going to be easier to come by.

Timo Ripatti
7-Feb-2000, 07:34

you are perfectly right... Using a 300/5.6 in my 8x10 would give visually very much the same depth of field (and perspective, which only defines the point where I'm shooting). Actually, I own a 240/5.6 and a 360/6.3, and both of these lenses could do the job for me.

Still, I have to insist on using the 4x5" because it is so lightweight and compact - and 2.8 means much faster exposures...



Chris Partti
8-Feb-2000, 13:58
I think I remember seeing a 150 f2.8 lens listed in the Lens & Repro ad in this month's View Camera. You could check their web site. I'm pretty sure it was not the Komuranon, though (sorry, don't have the ad at hand). I also recall that they did not list a price ("call"), which could mean trouble.