View Full Version : What means"RVP"?

Thomas A. Castelberg
5-Feb-2000, 06:37
Can anybody please tell me what "RVP" means on the Fuji Velvia film? Thanks folks.

Glenn Kroeger
5-Feb-2000, 07:15

RVP is the film code for Velvia. Most Fuji and Kodak films have a 3 letter code for identification of the emulsion. RAP is Astia, RDP is Provia, PRN is Kodak Pro 100, etc.

Five years from now, when all you have is the chrome, at least you will know what film you used!

Glenn Kroeger
5-Feb-2000, 07:19
Forgot to add, Fuji's codes start with R for reversal films, N for negative films. Kodak's codes usually start with the film name, so EVS is Ektachrome VS and VPS used to be Vericolor Professional Type S.

Allan Engelhardt
5-Feb-2000, 18:53
I always thought it was Reversal Velvia Professional. Seems to make sense...

Ellis Vener
5-Feb-2000, 19:15
Really Vivid Pigments?

Sue Denim
7-Feb-2000, 06:33
Ruinous Violet Pinks?