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10-Sep-2006, 23:51
I'm looking to purchase a 180mm for my 5x7. I'm strongly considering the Apo-Symmar (not the 'L'), and would like to know how much movement I will be afforded with it. I'd also like to know whether or not it would be wise of me to consider the Apo Sironar S due to its larger coverage. I shoot desert landscapes. Thoughts, opinions?



11-Sep-2006, 02:51

The image circle at f22 is 263 mm.

Excess coverage over 5x7 is 54.3 mm.

Remember, 5x7 requires a minimum coverage of 208.7 mm.

Hope this helps...


Ron Marshall
11-Sep-2006, 04:19
Have you seen the comparison chart on this site:


The differences between the two lenses are very minor. You would get about 7mm of additional movement with the Sironar S, but the Apo-Symmar already permits movements of 69mm in landscape orientation and 62mm in portrait.

Ted Harris
11-Sep-2006, 05:12
I use an Apo Sironar N 180 lens with the approximate same coverage as the 180 Apo Symmar and don't find that I run out of movements when shooting landscape. OTOH I also find that I use the 180 less than I use my 150 (Apo Sironar W) or longer lenses. For me the 180, which is one of my favorite focal lengths for 4x5, just doesn't fit my vision for 5x7. I am not suggesting that yoru vidion will be the same as mine but do think that, if you don't own a 180 now and are considering an Apo Sironar S whichis a pricy lens,that you may want to look at the slightly wider 150 options that will suit. S suspect they may be more to your liking for the type of shooting you describe.

Carsten Wolff
20-Sep-2006, 18:26
Any of these 180mm lenses should work for you: The Fujinon A is only f9, but nice and small; the Nikkor W used to be the cheapest new one.
Here are the image circles in mm:
Fujinon CM-W 260
Fujinon A 252
Nikkor W 253
APO-Sironar S 276
APO-Sironar N 262
APO-Symmar 263