View Full Version : Grain on my Type 52 Polaroids?

Josh Wand
4-Apr-2000, 22:28
I've noticed what appears to be a rather prominent grain pattern on my type 52 p rints. The pattern is similar to what you'd see on an enlarged 35mm print. I was n't expecting to see grain on a 4x5 direct print! My best guess is that there is something on the rollers, but inspection doesn't show any gunk or other residue . Can anyone suggest another source of the grain, or otherwise describe a ver y thorough method of cleaning the rollers? Thanks.

Carl Weese
5-Apr-2000, 16:38

There shouldn't be visible grain in a T-52 print. Could the pattern be reticulation? This could result from processing at extreme temperatures. Were the shots made outdoors in winter, by any chance?


Josh Wand
5-Apr-2000, 17:23
No, the prints were all processed indoors at 70-75 degrees.

Charlie Stracl
10-Apr-2000, 20:36
Perhaps the film is too old, or poorly stored. Polaroid materials do not seem to me to be very forgiving.

But, I would never expect to see obvious grain on the direct print.

Perhaps your camera is dusty inside and needs to be cleaned out?