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10-Sep-2006, 08:28
The seller of the camera i recently brought gave me a variety of films already inside the set of darkslides i brought off him... there are a load that are E6 ... some at ISO 100 (presumably velvia) others at ISO 64 (presumably kodak) .. I've exposed the ISO 100 slides so they need to go off to be developed.. I've 4 ISO 64 ones to do.. I was wondering if it would be ok to send off the 64, and 100 together for the same development as i only have 1 spare light tight box to post them off in.. I'm guessing this wouldn't be ideal but its going to make postage costs expensive to send such a small amount of film.

Can different film/ISOs be E6 developed the same way or like how i'm used to developing black and white do they require different development times etc.



Ole Tjugen
10-Sep-2006, 09:53
All E6 films are developed exactly the same. Same chemicals, same time, same temperature. I suppose this is important for minilab operators - knowing the difference between E6 and C41 is taxing enough for some of them.

10-Sep-2006, 10:23
ohh great.. that way i can develop another 4 exposures then and send them off together, thanks for that.