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8-Sep-2006, 10:24
Hello to All,

I am the new kid in class.

I have been making a living in photography for almost twenty years now, mostly spent doing daily newspaper photojournalism, weddings and other commercial work. I just hate specializing! I enjoy all kinds of photography and am a confessed "gear" junkie. I work in the Seattle area which is the Pacific Northwest part of the USA.

I shoot Canon 35mm digital, 35mm film (Canon, Pentax LX, Leica IIIF), medium format (Bronica GS1 6x7), 4x5 (Sinar F1) and a just purchased Gaoersi 6x17.

I am experiencing troubles getting my 90mm/6.8 Grandagon to mount onto the 6x17 and be able to lock the lens ring but that story is best for another section of this forum.

Glad I found this informative forum!



8-Sep-2006, 11:07
Welcome to the club... there's a number of other folks from your neighbourhood on this forum. :)


Ron Marshall
8-Sep-2006, 11:08
Welcome to the forum Max. I also have an F1, it has been converted to a 5x7 and I use a 3 Lb Toho as my hiking camera.

8-Sep-2006, 13:15
Welcome to the forum Max. I also have an F1, it has been converted to a 5x7 and I use a 3 Lb Toho as my hiking camera.

Thanks guys. I should use the Sinar more often than I do. I have the 65mm, 90mm and 210mm lenses and the fancy bino viewing aid thing.

I am working on getting my new large 6x17 Gaoersi to work with the 90mm/6.8 Grandagon. I am really looking foraward to this format. I love wide panaramic shots and the 6x17 gives a ton of film area. It should be easier and less bulky than the Sinar for hiking etc. The F1 is not very friendly for that kind of work.


Ralph Barker
8-Sep-2006, 13:37
Welcome to the LF Forum, Max. Glad to have you join us.

But, with that handle, shouldn't you be shooting ULF? ;)

John Berry
10-Sep-2006, 11:18
Welcome from Renton

Ben Hopson
10-Sep-2006, 12:51
Greetings from Olalla. Welcome

Greg Tims
10-Sep-2006, 13:39
Welcome from Gig Harbor.

11-Sep-2006, 08:32
Nice to see that there are some "locals" on this board.


Doug Herta
11-Sep-2006, 16:38
Hello from Seattle, Photomax. Hopefully Barry and Steve will chime in as well. Do we have enough of a quorum around here to (Gasp!) organize an outing?