View Full Version : Good place for 4x5 film in Las Vegas

8-Sep-2006, 01:15
I am travelling to the US in November and am considering buying film there rather than here in the UK, saving both cost and the risk of fogging on at least one flight. Can anyone recommend a good store for 4x5 film in Las Vegas. I will be using Velvia 100 and Acros in Quickload.


8-Sep-2006, 01:36

Rather than worrying about finding film in Vegas... why not think about ordering the film from either Jim @ Midwest Photo (www.mpex.com) or Jeff @ Badger Graphics (www.badgergraphic.com).

Have the film sent directly to your hotel...

No muss, no fuss! :)


evan clarke
8-Sep-2006, 03:59
Casey's, They had a big supply last ime I was there..EC

David A. Goldfarb
8-Sep-2006, 04:56
Yes, Casey's just down the block from the Liberace museum. Call before you go to be sure they have the film you want in the form you want (loose sheets or Readyloads/Quickloads, etc.).

11-Sep-2006, 00:34
Hi David,

This might be a long shot but you wouldn't happen to be on the Light&Land November tour would you?


22-Sep-2006, 13:33

Sorry about the delayed reply, I had stopped looking at this thread after the first answers! Yes I am on the Light and Land tour, presumably you are too?

I was hoping to avoid the high UK film prices as well as reduce the chance of fogging from the airport scanners. However I've since found some Velvia 50 Readyload here in the UK so I've bought a few boxes of that for the trip, working on the basis that it won't be available in the US anymore. I still hope to source some Acros Readyloads in the US as its difficult to come by here. I'll probably contact Badger or Midwest a few weeks before the trip as suggested elsewhere in this thread.