View Full Version : 75mm f/6.8 grandagon-n and filters

7-Sep-2006, 16:16
Well I just recieved my 75mm f/6.8 lens and all is well. It uses a 58mm threading for filters and my standard size (as of now) is 67mm. I purchased a 58-67mm stepping ring, but with a bit and movement, I can see that that combo will vignette with standard thickness B+W filters. I used the cut corner groundglass checking method BTW.

If I leave the stepping ring, but take off the filter, I'm golden. I'm wondering what everyone else with this lens uses.

Do 58mm filters touch the glass? If not, I'll just buy some slim 58mm filters.

How about 72mm filters? Or should I go with 77mm filters? Slim or not? Also are there any slim filters that will accept standard lens caps?

I know someone will suggest the lee system, which would be very nice, but it costs around half of what the lens is worth by the time I get everything with just one filter. This is not an option for me.

Thanks in advance, Dan

Ed Richards
7-Sep-2006, 18:09
I have the 90mm version with 67 mm filters, which tried to step up. The step up ring vignetted, but regular 67mm filters do not. Go for the thin ones, but do not bother with the really expensive special wide angle ones. 58mm is cheap, try one.

12-Sep-2006, 04:27
I have the same 75mm lens and as a Canon user in a previous life, have a few 58mm filters kicking around as it used to be a standard size for their lenses.

Alternatively, Cokin P-sized stuff should be OK on the lens as they use 85mm squares rather than 100mm of the Lee etc. Other people out there make P-sized filters if you don't want to use Cokin - Hitech, Formatt, etc

From prior experience, I've sawn off the front slot or two from the filter holder as it vignetted on another system so can't comment on whether it works on the 75mm as I tend not to use the lens unless I've no option.