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Bruce Schultz
6-Sep-2006, 13:17
I've never been to one of these photo gear flea markets, but I see one is coming up in Houston this weekend and it just so happens I'll be over there then. I'm just wondering if there's much to be found in the way of LF.

6-Sep-2006, 15:08

That's one of the fun things with regards to these flea markets. We have one every year here in Vancouver and it's amazing the kinds of things that turn up.

And, yes, not surprisingly, there ususally are a few LF items at the show we have here. Can't speak for the one in Houston though. Perhaps, some Houston-ite might be able to shed more light on that market.

As to whether it's worthwhile for you to show up or not... that's a toughie! But, I find they're always a fun way to spend a few hours! :)


Dan Fromm
6-Sep-2006, 16:42
Second the motion. I had the same opportunity a couple of spring shows ago and went to the show.

On the one hand, the Houston spring show I visited was a disappointment, as are all camera shows these days. More room than vendors, more table surface than the vendors could cover. Camera shows aren't what they used to be and they're getting worse.

On the other, it was a pleasant excursion. I found a couple of gadgets I'd wanted and at good prices. And I had the opportunity to heft and look at a couple of pieces of gear I'd been thinking of putting on the "gotta buy sometime" list.

Remember the first law of flea markets, including camera shows. You never know what will turn up at one. But don't forget the second law. If you don't know prices, don't buy.

Good luck, have fun,


brian reed
6-Sep-2006, 16:44
I've been to the camera/photo gear flea market that comes around the Cincinnati area about every 4 months. There are a couple dealers that usually have LF gear. mostly very old lenses and they have had some beat up old 8x10's and 4x5's. If you wanted to put some time and effort in restoration they could be had cheaply. Most dealers sell Leica collectables and 35 and medium format lenses and bodies. You can get some great deals though. You can also unload some equipment to someone buying equipment, don't expect to get much though.


6-Sep-2006, 18:35
I'll be in Houston this weekend too - may I ask where and when the show is?

Is it a general photo gear meet or does it have a LF focus?

Thanks, Jon

Bruce Schultz
7-Sep-2006, 06:24
It's Sat-Sun at the Marriott near Hobby Airport.