View Full Version : Efke R25 vs Efke PL25

5-Sep-2006, 19:02
I "voted" for Efke in the Favorite B&W film post, and was about to comment when the following thought struck me:

I haven't started really shooting sheet film just yet, but I voted for the Efke 'cause that's what I use in 120. However, I use R25 in 120, and the Efke sheet is PL25. Anyone know what the difference is? Do you prefer the R or the PL as far as tonality is concerned? Any differences in development?

This doesn't have to be relegated to R25 vs. PL25, but also R100 vs PL 100 if you have experience in that.


Glenn Thoreson
5-Sep-2006, 19:43
The only difference is roll vs sheet.

steve simmons
6-Sep-2006, 09:47
Given the apparent results of the poll I would suggest trying FP4+. The Efke films seem to not be very popular and there may b a reason for this - I won't speculate. But FP4+ is a very good film and easy to get.

steve simmons

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
6-Sep-2006, 09:51
My impression is that it is the same emulsion on different bases. The R25 and R100 are on a thin base while the PL25 and PL100 are on a much thicker base. All four are great films, no reason to swich.

Ole Tjugen
6-Sep-2006, 09:56
I haven't noticed any difference in speed or tonality between KB25, R25 and PL25.