View Full Version : Any chance of getting a search engine for this page?

Wayne Crider
4-Apr-2000, 00:37
It would be nice!

Bill Glickman
4-Apr-2000, 08:06

neil poulsen
4-Apr-2000, 09:15
Compared to rec.photo, this is a very convenient site for exchanging information, very well done. It's easy to start or post threads, to review them to look at the most recent posts, etc.

Probably in part because of this, there's a wealth of knowledge and information useful to L.F. photographers that can be found on this site. Being able to have some search capability would be really great.

And I would add, please don't ever purge older posts. I find it very useful to muse over the history categories, looking for some bit of information that I recall or need to verify.

Wayne Campbell
4-Apr-2000, 21:42
A search engine would help greatly. As it is now you may find info on cameras under cameras, beginners questions, miscellaneous, or some other threads. On lenses there are headings for classic lenses and modern lenses. How do you kn

David F. Stein
4-Apr-2000, 23:33
Agreed, some of the most thoughtful, sharing, detailed contributions of any Internet forum. THANKS

Greg Froelich
6-Apr-2000, 03:44
I've had success using the Find and Find Again commands in Netscape. I think In ternet Explorer has similar commands. The key is to open a link that has multiple threads, such as the categories found after the recent messages, or try http://www.greenspun.com/bboard/main-frame.tcl?topic= Large%20format%20photography (all the messages, recent and past!). It's not a s earch engine, but it works in the interim.

james mickelson
6-Apr-2000, 03:49
I've got an old 426 Dodge Hemi engine with headers...... Oh! Wrong forum.....James

Wayne Crider
6-Apr-2000, 12:51
I use the edit find feature too, but alot of threads get filed in strange places. A search engine makes it easier by listing the threads in order by the number of occurences the search words are found. Just like in Photo.net.