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5-Sep-2006, 17:29
Hello LF photographers,

I've been reading and enjoying a lot of the information provided by this site.
Thank you very much!

Now, to introduce myself, I'm a bridge engineer. I've always been a big fan of art & great photography. I also enjoy take nature photos.
I've been using a digital camera for many years and recently just bought a LF camera setup from someone here. My initial desire was to help my boyfriends take pictures of his paintings to do prints with. Little do I know, it's not easy at all. But trying to figure out the LF, I found it's becoming a favorite hobby. Learning LF has also help me tremendously with my skills of using the digital. I hope one day (before I go broke) I will learn to use the LF to take some great photos too.

5-Sep-2006, 18:09
Welcome Mtang to the LF Community!

Ask questions as many here are very helpful on the LF journey. Have fun most of all. :)


Ron Marshall
5-Sep-2006, 18:18
Wecome to the forum. Do you have a favourite bridge? I ask that because one of the subjects I enjoy shooting is bridges.

paul stimac
5-Sep-2006, 19:16
Just curious, what's "mtang" stand for?

5-Sep-2006, 19:38
Thanks for the warm welcome. I expect I'll have a lot of questions,
but I will try to read as much of the past posts as I could before I ask them.

Paul, M is my first initial & Tang is my last name.

I don't have a favorite bridge, however the cable-stay suspension bridges
are the most pleasing type to my eyes.
We don't have many good looking bridges in Nevada.

5-Sep-2006, 19:48
Darr, great work!

That's the other thing, I've never seen such great photography
all gathered in one place. It is very inspiring.

Jim Galli
5-Sep-2006, 21:24
Howdy from down the road in Tonopah! Glad Mtang wasn't for the ranch. Did you work on the non-bridge between Carson and Reno. Scary looking to us un-engineer types. Heck, LF should be easy compared to building bridges. Nevada's a good place for bridges because if they fall down you probably won't get wet. Not much H2O to worry about in this state.

5-Sep-2006, 21:29
Hello MT,

Greetings from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada... your Northern neighbors, heh?

You'll soon find LF photography to be as addictive as a cappuccino first thing in the morning, a drink of ice cold water on a hot, hot day, or a nice cool shower after a 6 mile run!

Have fun! :)


Sheldon N
5-Sep-2006, 21:32

Ralph Barker
5-Sep-2006, 22:57
Welcome to the LF Forum, M. Nice to have you join us.

There are plenty of gaps around here that need bridging. ;)

6-Sep-2006, 06:28
Hello neighbor,
As a matter of fact, my co-workers are the designers of that Galena bridge. Speaking of good looking bridges, that will be a great one to photograph, when they ever get it finished.

Hello Sheldon!

Thanks again everyone!

By the way, www.paulmellender.com is my boyfriend's website.
He does incredible paintings and drawings if you would like to check them out.

Have fun drinking your cappuccinos!

Andrew O'Neill
7-Sep-2006, 18:29
Come on, Capocheny...it's "eh", not heh!!!

7-Sep-2006, 19:26
Come on, Capocheny...it's "eh", not heh!!!

Hey A,

LOL... sorry, the fingers don't work like they use to! :)

Sorry for the mix-up, eh!


7-Sep-2006, 23:17
I'm a Renoan (or is it Renoite) as well. Welcome.