View Full Version : How to tighten the aperture on a Copal 0

Leonard Metcalf
5-Sep-2006, 16:24
Lately I have been noticing that my aperture has been shifting between setting it and taking the photograph. This is because there is very little resistance in the lever. Any suggestions on how to tighten its movement? It is a Copal 0.



Glenn Thoreson
5-Sep-2006, 19:57
Going out on a limb here. There may be a circular wavy spring that puts pressure on the aperture plate. If it's worn, it will be loose. You would have to remove the back of the shutter to find out. If it's similar to a Prontor in constructioon, that will leave the shutter blades free to fall out, so do it face down on a table. I just fixed the aperture on a Prontor Press by gently reshaping the spring. You may have to dismantle the aperture assembly. If you're not handy with tiny parts and are impatient, it would be best to send it to a repair man.

Leonard Metcalf
7-Sep-2006, 05:38
Thanks Glenn, Does anyone have an exploded view of a Copal Shutter?