View Full Version : 5x7 Fuji films at Badger Graphics?

Paul D. Robertson
2-Apr-2000, 19:58
I noticed in the March/April View Camera a notice about Badger Graphics carrying Velvia and Provia in 5x7. Badger doesn't seem to have a comprehensive Web site so I was wondering if anyone has ordered from them who can confirm this? Also, does anyone know if the Provia is the newer 100F? I've got an e-mail into Badg er, but if their e-mail is like their Web site, I'm not counting too much on a s peedy response. I've been cringing over the thought of cutting down 8x10 for a while now, so if this is true I'll be a happy camper this spring.


2-Apr-2000, 20:17
Yes we just started importing the Fuji Velvia and Provia in 5X7. The new "F" Provia is not available in 5X7 yet. They are 20 sheet boxes. Cost per box is $100. P.S. Our web site is being updated. Jeff

Paul D. Robertson
6-Apr-2000, 19:53
Not only was the e-mail response embarrasingly fast, ordering and shipping were too.

These are definitely folks that'll be getting business from me again.