View Full Version : Graflex sync help.

5-Sep-2006, 13:14
Hi guys,
just registered , first time posting, and I need your help already.
I bought a Graflex 4x5 , not sure the model ( I don't have it here in my office) I believe it is a Speedgraphic or something, range finder included.
I was puzzled trying lo find the sync plug on the shutter, (Kodak lens) instead I found a plastic cover covering what seems like two (weird to me) electrical terminals. do I need an adaptor for my cable sync? please help. regards. Mike.

Ron Stowell
5-Sep-2006, 13:56
With so little information I would suggest that you long on to www.Graflex.org and enjoy the world of information your going to find there. Good luck and welcome

5-Sep-2006, 14:29
You'd want an adapter that connects bipost (the two terminals on the shutter) to the flash. Like these, most likely PC:

Make sure the lever on the shutter is at X if you use an electronic flash (strobe).

Ralph Barker
5-Sep-2006, 16:34
Mike - as Hiro said, they're called bi-post connectors. Appropriate cables are, as indicated, available from Paramount. If your flash unit has a US-style household connector, either directly or via a pigtail, electric shaver cords will usually fit, too.

Also, some shutters have a separate cocking lever for the sync.

6-Sep-2006, 09:58
Thanks guys, you are the greatest,
yep, it is called a bi-post conector, I guess it is way beyond my time and paramount has it. I should have ordered it for the Sunpak 120J instead of the regular pc. now I know. I still have to check if the range finder is focusing correctly, then I can start shooting. I plan to do it handheld. boy it is going to be fun.