View Full Version : Anyone have times for FP4 in Rodinal 1:50?

brian steinberger
4-Sep-2006, 21:08
I just ran some film speed tests with FP4 in 4x5 in Agfa Rodinal 1:50 at 68 degrees for 9 minutes and found my EI to be 40. That seems really really LOW to me! I'm wondering if I didn't give enough development time. I settled on 9 minutes after research and settling between Ilfords, the massive development chart, and the darkroom cookbook times. I've seen times posted from 15 min. to 8.5 min. I'm wondering if anyone have any times that work for them. I'm developing 6 sheets at a time in convention tanks and hangers, no pre soak. Thanks alot!

Ole Tjugen
4-Sep-2006, 23:55
I give mine 10 minutes, or 8 in a rotating JOBO tank.

Yes, Rodinal loses a little speed. I won't buy more of it when my current bottle is empty, I'd much rather use FX-2 and get a full stop speed increase along with tighter grain.