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Ben Chase
4-Sep-2006, 19:24
Last year it appears I went a little early for the peak Autumn colors. Is the weekend of Sept 22/23/24 about right on target?

There are a few spots on the Maligne lake road that I definitely want to get at the right time..

Ben C

Andrew O'Neill
4-Sep-2006, 20:55
You should be good then. I drove through Banff a couple of years ago around that time and saw autumn colours...pretty ch-ch-chilly in late afternoon/early morning. Awesome place! There are a few Canucks on this forum who either live in Banff or Calgary, who could probably tell you exactly when to go.

4-Sep-2006, 21:53

As I recall from my days of shooting there... usually a good time is the last week in September going forward depending on temperatures.

Look up "Craig Richards" in Banff... he's a well-known photographer there and has shot some great images of the area.

And, don't forget Vermillion Lakes looking East...

Last time I was there was last year in late August... darn mosquitoes were out in full force! So, be forewarned... take some repellant just in case!

Have a great time there... :)


5-Sep-2006, 06:08
Well, I'm heading out to Lake O'Hara (close to Lake Louise) next Thursday (Sep 14th). If I remember, I'll write back with a report.

In Calgary, some trees in the low areas are already starting to turn. I would expect that up in the higher elevations that the trees are already well on their way to losing their summer coats....and hopefully the Larch are just starting to turn as well....

Regarding Craig, if you're in Banff go to the Whyte Museum (http://www.whyte.org/) Craig heads up the photography area, and usually has some good exhibits on.

Also, you've picked a good time of year to photograph in the area. Kids are back in school, so reduced weekday camping should result in a smaller volume of traffic, both on the highways and on the trails.

Lastly, make sure you drive north up Hwy. 93 towards Jasper. Snow should be starting to gather on the higher peaks making for some more interesting photographs.

evan clarke
5-Sep-2006, 07:15
Well, I'm heading out to Lake O'Hara (close to Lake Louise) next Thursday (Sep 14th). If I remember, I'll write back with a report.

I've heard you're over 40..you won't remember.....

jim kitchen
5-Sep-2006, 20:22
I spent most of the day today in the mountains, just outside of Banff, and the trees are turning colour as we speak...

The trees at the higher elevations and in the lower valleys, where the cold air congregates, are in that awful stage of green and yellow. A few Poplar trees are history already, as in totally yellow. In about a week to ten days, depending on the frost levels, they should be working their way to maturity.

Your time schedule should put you in the ball park, with many opportunities...

jim k

Ben Chase
5-Sep-2006, 21:12
Outstanding - Thanks for the help folks!

David Crossley
6-Sep-2006, 07:28
Just returned from the Willmore (directly north of Jasper NP) and the trees are just starting to turn. September 24th is generally the peak for fall colors @ Jasper in my experience.

David Crossley/Crossley Photography....

Ben Chase
7-Sep-2006, 18:58
Thanks David - It's good to know I picked the right time.

Also - If you guys don't have it, I'd recommend Darwin Wiggett's book about where to photograph in the Canadian Rockies. It has a lot of helpful information for photographers on a time-crunch. It's a small book, about pamphlet-size, that has all of the photographic destinations and what time to visit them.

Cheers - Ben C