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Hugh Sakols
4-Sep-2006, 11:54
At the end of this week I'm making my first trip to Nashville, Tennessee to attend a wedding. I will have one day to explore with a car. Within 2 - 2 1/2 hrs of driving (one way) are there any interesting swamps OR am I still too far north. Also what about just some rual areas outside of the city that are rustic backroads kinds of places that will give me a feel of the old deep south??? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Living in California this will be my first trip to the south other than Southern Illionios.

4-Sep-2006, 15:01
I would urge you to look at Jack Spencer's work. He is based in Nashville and IMHO is one of the greatest living photographer's in the USA today. His book "Native Soil" offers an amazing look at the Southern experience (people mostly). At the very least, you might get lucky and get a chance to meet him or hear him speak at one some lecture. If I remember correctly, there is one pro photo camera store/lab in Nashville -- they probably carry signed versions of his books.

Robert Ley
4-Sep-2006, 16:20
I consulted my AAA map of the South Eastern States and they say that the driving time from Nashville to Knoxville is about 2:30. I find AAA to be conservative (especially with a rental car :) ) on driving times as it is I40 all the way. What I am thinking is the Smokies. There is alot to see on the TN side of the park and could easily consume a day of shooting. Someone may give you a better idea closer, but I am really partial to the Great Smoky Mtns. NP. You will be after Labor day, so most of the kids will be back at school and the crowds should be down somewhat. The best times in the Smokies are IMHO the early spring (mid-March to late April) Lots of Wild Flowers and not alot of people. If you consider the Smokies, contact me off line and I can be more specific as to locations.

Henry Ambrose
4-Sep-2006, 18:34

There's plenty to see within a short distance of Nashville, or even right in town.

As for swamps, if you're thinking of something like the Everglades the answer is "no" at least in our immediate vicinity. There are of course small swampy areas in and around most river bottoms. If you drive to western Tennessee you can find some cool stuff like that but its more than you asked about driving. Great Smoky Mountain National Park is about a four hour trip one way so I'd eliminate that as well for the short time you're here.

Old South?

One right in town, Belle Meade Plantation:

Here's another area for you, just a short drive south on I-65:

You might also look at The Natchez Trace Parkway:

In general a one hour drive (or much less) from Nashville gets you into the "country" The weather is really nice here now - its still summer but the worst heat is broken and gone (pretty much). I can suggest routes if you want.

Feel free to holler at me. (I don't know if I'll be working or not).
You'll be welcome here - we stopped shooting yankees on first sight quite a few years ago and I'm not sure if Californians are yankees anyhow.

Hugh Sakols
5-Sep-2006, 07:05
Thanks for all the suggestions - I knew I could count on this forum for help. If any of you need ideas regarding Yosemite don't hesitate to contact me.