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Gerry Harrison
3-Sep-2006, 23:09

I would like your feedback on the modern RC MC papers.. are they as good as the fiberbase counter parts . I have been using Agfa RC MC papers ( yes Agfa is gone ) as I still have a decent supply left and find this paper very appealing...and simple to use. I have a supply of FB Agfa paper and wonder is it worth all the extra work considering the results I am getting with RC paper. This question relates to all makers of RC and FB papers still in production .

Thanks Gerry

Louie Powell
4-Sep-2006, 06:29
Gerry -

It's like the choice between boxers and briefs. No one can tell you what is right for you - you have to make your own decision.

I prefer fiber for fine prints that will be displayed. I prefer the tonalities and the tactile qualities of fiber.

I use RC paper for proof sheets, prints for publication, and in workshops where the simpler processing is an advantage. In my opinion, Ilford MG RC is a fine paper for those applications.

There are aguments about archival permanence that were valid in the past, but I think most manufacturers have this under control now. I have friends who make fine prints on RC paper either because they are satisfied with the results or because they have processing constraints that make fiber paper impractical for them.

It comes down to a personal choice.

Jim Jones
4-Sep-2006, 06:49
I agree with Louie. My favorite prints were on glossy Ilford MG RC. Otherwise, as good? Not in a few ways. More convenient? Certainly, unless you have an advanced darkroom.

Some RC paper, especially glossy, has a slightly unpleasant surface appearance due to metamerism. Decades ago I had unframed RC prints develop strong metallization when displayed in a hostile environment. Except for this, my FB papers from 40 years ago are still like new. The earliest RC paper had longevity problems. A suspicion remains in the minds of some. Discerning collectors usually prefer FB prints. Only you can determin which is best for you.

5-Sep-2006, 12:12
Apart from personal preference, it just depends if you like how blacks are rendered on FB and whether you plan to tone, right?


Michael Daily
5-Sep-2006, 16:28
I use fiber, but have students with whom I work use plastic, because it is easier with which to work.

Dave Krueger
5-Sep-2006, 17:22
I print only 8x10s and 16x20s. I always do 8x10s first to get a feel for what contrast filter to use and what manipulations are required. They are always RC prints.

All my 16x20s are fiber and get selenium toning better blacks. They are most certain to wind up framed and exhibited somewhere (if only in my studio).

Personally, I like the surface of FB paper more than RC papers which is all the reason I need, but I think FB papers are also what's expected by collectors.