View Full Version : A New Nature Photography Web Site

Scott Squires
2-Apr-2000, 15:03
I have just finished my Nature Photography Web Site. (www.scottsquires.com ) I shoot 4x5LF, 6x7MF, 6x17 Panorama and 35mm. Most of my B&W and Landscapes are 4x5. Take a look and tell me what you think. Thanks Scott Squir

Rusty Johnston
2-Apr-2000, 21:10
Looks good. You have some great images.

Robert A. Zeichner
3-Apr-2000, 08:09
Nice work. Why is your home page simply labelled "home"? When one bookmarks that page, all the bookmark list will say is "Home". After awhile, most folks will forget who's home it is. http://www.razeichner.com

Larry Gaskill
8-Dec-2000, 22:24
Nice Images, great light on most of them. One question though, the birds in flight (which are very nice) surely you used the Canon with telephoto to fill the frame?

Have you had much success shooting birds or animals with the 4x5?