View Full Version : $ value of P&S 12 inch?

Renee Galang
2-Sep-2006, 16:53
OK, I know that the real $ of anything is relative, it is how much a person is prepared to pay for it. But if someone is proposing you to purchase a pinkham and smith visual quality iv 12 inch is very good condition with a wollensak studio shutter (sticky but repaireable) how much be your limit?

Ralph Barker
2-Sep-2006, 17:40
Someone else may be able to give you a better idea, Renee, but I assume you're aware of the modern copy of that lens, the Cooke Portrait PS945 229mm/4.5, which sells new for about $3,400.

Hugo Zhang
2-Sep-2006, 18:27

There was a 14" shutterless one sold on ebay three weeks ago for $1,710.


3-Sep-2006, 09:15
Hello Renee,
There is NO limits. Pinkham lenses are rare and scarce; if you want to take one, you need to put the money on the table. Always a bargain is possible, but with a P&S.....mhmmmmmm....
Good luck!