View Full Version : Poll: Try again, VC vs Graded, Warm vs Cold

Eric Biggerstaff
1-Sep-2006, 18:24
I messed up the first poll on this one, so lets try again.

steve simmons
1-Sep-2006, 18:28

vc, cold tone, Ansco 130 for a slight warmth and a nice long scale

steve simmons

Eric Biggerstaff
1-Sep-2006, 18:29
Thanks Steve - Again! :-)

Oren Grad
1-Sep-2006, 18:33
Variable contrast. Don't care about warm vs cold tone - the curve shape is much more important.

Eric Biggerstaff
1-Sep-2006, 18:37
I should answer my own poll, VC and prefer warm tone these days. I use Ilford FB Warmtone and am going to try the Forte for some fun.

Eric Woodbury
1-Sep-2006, 19:03
I like the VC CB of Bergger. I has a warm tone in Defender 55, but the base is a bright white and not particularly warm.

Eric Biggerstaff
1-Sep-2006, 21:23
What, no Graded fans around!

Gary L. Quay
1-Sep-2006, 22:13
I love graded, but I also like warm tone.


Ole Tjugen
2-Sep-2006, 02:50
I prefer graded... Warm or cold tone depending on subject. Toning and developer to taste.

2-Sep-2006, 02:59
I've just started using Galerie and love the look of it.
For split grade printing I use Ilford WT FB with Ilford warmtone and cooltone developers.

Hany Aziz
2-Sep-2006, 03:53
I messed up and chose only Graded but would have voted for Graded and cold tone. Favourites are Oriental Seagull (the old emulsion, not sure about the new one which seems warmer or more neutral in tone) followed by Ilford Galerie.



Eric Biggerstaff
2-Sep-2006, 06:10
Thanks everyone, this is falling out as I expected with regards to graded vs vc. The split down the middle between warm and cold tone is interesting however.

2-Sep-2006, 07:02
I like vc papers and warm and cold tones


Sal Santamaura
2-Sep-2006, 07:46
Galerie and Azo 2 in Neutol WA. I put away a refrigerator full of the Azo 2 and just received 10 kg of Amidol from the group purchase as insurance against supply unavailability toward the end of my actuarially probable life. I expect adjusting the MAS amidol formula will enable matching the ever-so-slightly-warm image tone that Neutol WA gives with both papers.

I've tried any number of VC papers, but don't like their curves or lack of sharpness. I don't shoot large negatives only to have the paper degrade image sharpness when printing them!

Andrew O'Neill
2-Sep-2006, 09:41
Forte PG in Ilford MG Developer...for a little warmth, caffinol or pyro

Eric Biggerstaff
2-Sep-2006, 16:29
Great, thanks all.

Robert A. Zeichner
3-Sep-2006, 05:00
I use VC exclusively, but vary from Cold to Warm tone paper depending on project. Cold tone does account for the vast majority of what I print.

3-Sep-2006, 05:20
i like vc and graded papers. i have no preference and wish i could have voted for both.

Doremus Scudder
3-Sep-2006, 10:58
Graded, Oriental Seagull G, Bergger Prestige NB (when I can find it!), Ilford Gallerie, toned in selenium.

I do not like Cachet/Maco as it tones blue in selenium
I haven't tried the Kentmere papers yet, but plan to in the future.

I use soft and hard developers in concert to achieve intermediate grades and "spot develop" to achieve local contrast variation.

OT a bit: Graded paper is getting harder to get, and I would welcome any sources/suggestions for finding grades 1 and 4 in stock somewhere!

Eric Biggerstaff
3-Sep-2006, 21:40
Thanks everyone.

Robert Skeoch
4-Sep-2006, 18:06
I used Galerie in the past and returned to it this year when I started using a cold head enlarger.
It's a great paper.

Andrew O'Neill
4-Sep-2006, 21:09
Just out of curiosity, how do you set up these polls?

Alan Rabe
5-Sep-2006, 12:50
I prefer cold toned papers. I have been using Zone VI brilliant but have recently changed to Kentmere Fineprint and love it. Can't trust Calumet to continue the paper.