View Full Version : Info on ORBIT metal 4 x 5 Monorail

Tim Sheldon
6-May-1998, 02:36
I have been considering making the jump into LF from MF. As luck would have it my local camera shop has a beautiful condition ORBIT monorail camera with a rebu ilt 120 mm astragon with copal shutter, 5 film backs carrying case etc. This ca mera has a Bright Red bellows but the only ID is one tag saying ORBIT Monorail.

Can anyone help me out with any info on this camera and what is a fari price for this piece???

I am very tempted but dont know enough to determine if this is a good deal or a bad choice

Thanks in advance for any info

Adam D. DeKraker
30-May-1998, 03:16
Investing in an Orbit monorail would provide a great introduction into the "worl d of large format photography". They were well made, and because of their light weight, work well in the studio as well as the field (assuming to want to tote a monorail around!). We currently have three of them in use here at Western Mic higan University, and aside from the occasional tune-up (bolt tightenings, etc.) , they work great...and believe me, they get used ALOT. I'm not completely cert ain about the history of "Orbit", but I know Calumet Photographic produced the e xact same camera for many years. (I think they purchased the molds and manufactu red them until the molds gave out.) I have seen several bodies for sale around $200-$300, and this seems to be a decent price.